Presenting Vazir Jaune fountain pen in Mandarin Yellow colour
The Vazir Jaune is made up of high quality premium Mandarin yellow resin.
The pen has attractive look and beautiful black and Mandarin yellow combination. The Pen comes with #6 nib threaded nib unit.
Vazir Jaune is completely handcrafted and made from high quality resin to give lustrous shine.
Pen Specifications Material: Premium Resin
Dimensions:Pen length : 150mmCap length :  69mmWithout cap length: 132mm including nibWeight approx 25gmMax diameter : 16mmSection diameter : 13mm at widest point
Ink filling mechanism: cartridge converter (Schmidt convertor included)
Mrp : 3000/-
Available in chrome trims with nib option of F,M,B,BB
  • Nib

    Vazir Nib Unit
    Screw Fitted

  • Nib Tipping

    Fine, Medium, Broad, Double Broad