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Vive Writing Instruments Presents " VAZIR Fountain Pens "

Vazir Fountain Pens is India’s youngest baby in fountain pens, which was launched at The India Pen Show 2020 under the guidance of few industry experts.

Vazir Fountain Pens is founded by the fountain pen connoisseurs with a dream to serve the premium writing instruments at affordable price. Since its inception there has been many positive reviews in the fountain pen community and even non fountain pen users have been interested in purchasing our product due to its quality and price.

We love each and every pen that we make, so our quality is guaranteed with 3 years warranty in any manufacturing defects.

We believe in the campaign of “Make in India”. Hence all the parts of our pens are made in India.

Vazir Fountain Pens has something for everyone; right from people who have good handwriting to someone who prefers writing broad or someone who writes very small and uses only for signatures. We also have something for people who write with soft hands and some others who use pressure while writing. A semi flex option is available too for those who wish to try out flexing.

The Nibs are #6 screws out nibs that make it not only easy maintenance but
quick replacement too.

Last but not the least we believe “Customer is King”. Therefore we have a dedicated number for all the post sales service and communications.

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@ +91 - 98207-66530

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