Vazir Black Flat Top Edition

Vazir Black Flat Top Edition

After completely selling out the first batch of Vazir Black Edition, the second lot is ready and this time it's with flat top.

1. Made in India 
2. The Vazir Black Edition is made up of high quality premium resin
3. The pen comes with #6 nib threaded nib unit
4. It is completely handcrafted and made from high quality resin to give lustrous shine

- Pen total length: 152mm
- Cap diameter: 17mm
- Barrel diameter: 16mm
- Section diameter : 12mm 
- Material: Acrylic
- Weight: 25gms
- Ink filling mechanism: Cartridge, Converter (Schmidt convertor included)
Nib: Fine, Medium and Broad

International Shipping: On Actuals

  • Nib Tipping

    Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, broad, Double Broad and Stub

  • Nib

    Vazir Nib Unit

  • Inking System

    Eye Dropper